Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Ceramic Artist

Born and raised in England, Sue came to Canada in 1970 where she lived in southern Ontario before relocating to British Columbia in 1974. While living in Powell River, BC for seventeen years, she taught elementary school and raised two children, before moving to North Vancouver where she currently lives. After retiring in 2009, she is happy to spend more time on her main hobby - pottery, as well as enjoying her family and garden.

Rankin, Susan

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  Rankin, Susan

  North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

I began working with clay as I have always been fascinated watching potters work on the wheel. I wanted to learn this skill and most of my work is thrown on the potter's wheel. My work is generally quite conventional, quiet and functional. I do, however, occasionally make pottery to be fired in a "raku" gas kiln. This process in quick and the resulting pots more decorative rather than functional. I rarely make sets, preferring to make individual pieces which reflect my love of variety.

My Current Exhibitions: