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Born in London, England, I emigrated to Canada in 1965. I live and work from my studio in historic Fort Langley BC. Since taking up watercolour painting in 2007, my work has been purchased by collectors in Canada, England, and New Zealand. My inspiration comes from nature, from ancient towns, villages, and rural scenes, and from people - wherever in the world I travel. I am an Active member of the Canadian Federation of Artists, and of the Garibaldi Art Club and my work has appeared in a number of exhibitions including juried CFA shows on Granville Island and in the Fraser Valley, Art Vancouver, and the Garibaldi Art Club shows.

Potter, Christopher

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  Potter, Christopher

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  Fort Langley, BC, Canada

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Pushing Boundaries is something that I experience every time I face a blank canvas. My mind knows what I want to achieve, but there's always a little doubt that makes me wonder if I will be able to produce that image. There seems to always be a point in my painting when I'm almost convinced that I've ruined the whole process, and should just ditch the work, but I've learned to persevere, and work through this stage. Only then can I paint for the joy of self-expression, and immerse myself in the slow stages of building images through various washes and ultimately defining essential detail. My work is not complicated or profound - through the medium of watercolour I can celebrate the beauty of those everyday images which resonate with me, and hopefully with those who view my work.

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