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Lori Popadiuk, born in Toronto 1973, moved to Vancouver as a 9 year old fascinated by the lush new landscape surrounding her. Originating from a creative family, Lori’s pieces are about experimenting with the process more than the content or imagery. Her work stems from spontaneity and using her emotions as a spring board. Each painting starts out as a free flowing movement using ink & gesso then evolves into something ethereal, like wings or feathers and sometimes its more abstract. Lori uses painting as a way to process life experiences, in truth it is the conduit to her sanity. Lori has been exploring black and white materials exclusively since 2015. She notes the absence of colour gives solace to the simplicity and draws attention to what the viewer is ready to see, be it the light or the dark, the positive or the negative or the calm or the chaos. Her work exposes us to how we all can get lost in those extremes, yet most often land lingering in the organically formed grey areas.  Lori holds Fine Arts degrees from both Capilano & Kwantlen Universities. She has exhibited her work internationally and can be found in collections all over the world, including Barbados, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Scotland, USA and Canada. Lori’s work has been featured in Homes & Living, Western Living and BC Home & Garden magazines. Over the years she has regularly donated her work to charitable organizations that benefit mental health and children’s causes. Lori is also a founding member of the all female artist collective 13 Feet off the Ground. www.loripop.com insta: @loripopart

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I’ve always gravitated towards painting, there is an requiescence with which the blobs of paint get pushed around on the canvas and a freedom of movement that is granted to the painter. An ability to quickly build up texture gives me immediate gratification and the congruity of acrylic lends itself nicely to working with other materials such as charcoal and ink. I began working with only black and white materials and using my experiences as an emotional guide in 2015. The approach came after a 6 month sabbatical from my regular life and art practice which continues today. The use of only B&W allows me to focus on making the marks and emotion that they come with. My emotions play the role of shape, of movement within the piece I’m working on. All mark making plays a role, the marks record the moments, the strokes mimic the emotions, those marks are all part of the story so much that colour is no longer relevant. My most recent work is in response to the idea behind Shapeshifters and how I believe we all essentially are continuously shape shifting ourselves. It is about our ability to adapt to new situations, to present a different characteristic or response in accordance with a perspective. We shift shape in the ways we eat, move, age, breathe. We shift shapes energetically, affecting each other unknowingly. We shift shape universally with regards to the sun & the moon, temperature, environment. It happens before our very eyes with barely a notice. These works are my interpretation of what it means and looks like to Shapeshift. Starting from my “self portrait” it stems out and beyond the reminiscence of roots, wings, water, landscapes, living breathing entities. These works can be viewed in any direction to create a new narrative. They each represent an entity unto themselves and have a flow that took me through them, rather than the other way around. I hope you enjoy my work. Lori Popadiuk www.loripop.com @loripopart 224-1000 Parker St. Studios

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