Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Emily Picard is resident of Sechelt, the Sunshine Coast, BC. As a multimedia artist, she works in several different mediums including acrylic paint, ink, spray painting and Copic Markers. She discovered my formal interest in creating art in secondary school, pursuing it further at the University of British Columbia; graduating with her Bachelors in Music and Visual Arts. Sechelt has the highest artists per capita and growing up in such an environment greatly inspired her as an artist and she strives to do the same for others. She is constantly learning and looks forward to any opportunities to grow.

Picard, Emily

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  Picard, Emily

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  Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

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My work allows me to interact with both alternate realities and our own; bringing a part of these worlds into form on our side of existence. I am a mixed media artist, working in both dry and wet mediums, often using found objects. I work with realism from this and other worlds. These “worlds” can be a certain time or location or even an entire plane of existence. The concepts stemming from this interest of worlds include; dystopian futures, alternate realities, and mythologies as fiction and non-fiction. Drawing from the worlds I’ve learned about through a multitude of forms, I bring narratives into my body of work to span these different planes: a link between worlds. Living in a multicultural family, I strive to investigate the backgrounds and aspects of different cultures. I find interest in these cultures as they form different worlds with their own context, histories, and mythologies; passing down that knowledge through various forms. As an artist, I aspire to give my work entrances to alternate worlds and meanings when perceived in different situations, both theoretically and physically. As my means to create evidence and authenticate my ideas, my work explores the connections we see in our world to others, engaging with the universes collectively built throughout our timeline.

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