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I was born and grew up in a teachers family in Beijing, China. While at University studying Landscape Architecture, I learned pencil sketch, Chinese ink painting, and watercolor painting. After graduation, I worked for 20 years as a Landscape architect in China before I moved to Canada. Once I came to Canada, I started to create artwork first in Regina, SK and now in B.C. I really appreciated the Art shows in the Prairie Artist Guild, I enjoyed the soul interaction between audience and me, especially the addictive collectors. I joined the Burnaby Artist Guild in 2019. I have started to show my artwork in a coffee shop in West Vancouver since August 2020. Since, I am passionate about doing work in watercolor, I became an active member of FCA since Sep 2020. I appreciate how it quickly captures the light of landscape and the interplay between the paper and the paint. I also make artworks with acrylic, black ink painting, pencil drawing, and Chinese calligraphy. My artwork themes have a variety of subjects. I like to experiment with Landscape, Seascape, Floral, Portraits, Animals, Architecture...

Pang, Chelsea

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I have learned watercolour painting in University as a foundational training in Landscape Architecture department. I also had Chinese calligraphy and Chinese ink painting training. So I think they all integrate into my watercolor painting. As rice paper is much more fragile and harder to handle. I feel more comfortable with watercolor paper. But still, watercolour painting is a technical art. Different material, different procedure, different timing, different effects. I am still experimenting.

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