Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Ceramic Artist

Maria Palotas, born in Budapest Hungary, developed an interest in the arts at the youthful age of 12. In 1980 Maria opened her own studio. Maria’s art spans from functional to unique. Her works adorn homes and offices throughout Europe, The United States, and Canada. Maria moved to Canada in 1988 and to British Columbia in 1999. For more information visit maripottery@gmail.com To make artistic and craft pieces is my life and my passion both to practice and to share with others. Please visit my Facebook page at maripottery@MariaPalotasPottery

Palotas , Maria

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  Palotas , Maria

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  Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

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Pottery is a multi faceted art. Its 3 dimensional expression allows me to bridge from functional form to sculpted creation. For the past 4 decades pottery making has allowed me to integrate drawing, painting and sculpting with my artistic vision of form and colour. Pottery can grab and enthrall you like no other craft; I know this because it is my life. It is my passion both to practice and to share with students.

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