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JOYCE OZIER knows that colour is powerful and affects us in primitive ways. She has been playing and experimenting with its elements for many years. This fascination has woven through her multi-faceted career, beginning with work with Dr. Alice Moshier, a disciple of Joseph Albers, the iconic colour researcher, while at Skidmore College in the United States, and into her use of the power of colour in her award-winning retail display company, Wow! Windows Display and Design Ltd. For the last ten years, since retiring from Wow! Windows, she has focused this fascination with colour into her painting practice, creating large, powerful images that evoke joy and movement. Her work is included in the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation Collection and the Scotiabank Dance Centre Collection, as well as private collections in Canada and abroad. She was recently honoured by the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC for her artistic contribution over the last fifty years. Joyce is a Founding Member of the BOLDER COLLECTIVE.


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  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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360/5. I am thrilled to be in this show with my talented colleagues in the BOLDER COLLECTIVE. Each of us has been drawn into the circle of this group...because of their uniqueness, quality of their work, and our collective commitment to anti-ageism. Each of us is unique...building on our individual creativity and the experiences of years. Each of us is over sixty-five...and going strong. Creativity just gets better with age when you allow it to.

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