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As a prairie native growing up in Manitoba, O’Connor’s roots are expressed through big blue skies inspired by the sweeping vistas seen on her family farm. Her interest in, and love for the arts began when she was quite young and evolved over the years through fashion and design. Following her retirement from a 34 year teaching career, O’Connor started acrylic painting. Recently her focus has shifted from landscapes to abstract works. Her intuitive process is influenced by her twelve year practise of mindful meditation. Her series called ‘In Neutral’ is the ideal state for Connie to live in. Never too happy nor too sad; balanced and focused on the beauty of life.

O Connor, Connie

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  O Connor, Connie

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  Langley, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

The 'Pushing your Boundaries' show features three pieces from my 'In Neutral' series which is inspired by my 12 year meditation practise. I decided to create my first diptych for the show and try a new method and surface to compose what eventually became ’Shadow and Light’. I wanted to use a darker, more sombre palette, which was incorporated into ’Shadow and Light’ and ‘Let it Be’; I usually use very bright colours, so I found it a challenge to use these really dark tones. I enjoy incorporating textures in my work, but I actually fought a lot with ‘Let It Be’ by adding, removing, and sanding medium, fibre bags and paint. In the end I was pleased with the results of all the pieces, as I feel there is a great deal of depth, movement and energy in each piece.

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