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Veronica Newell is an acrylic and mixed media painter living and working in Surrey, BC. Veronica tries to convey a sense of wonder and inspiration in her works. She cares deeply about themes of healthy life and healthy environment. Her work features local nature scenes, semi-abstract landscape art, and many of the beloved birds that live in the area. Veronica worked for several years as a physical therapist, and finds there is a strong connection between art and a sense of health. She believes that the creation of art is healthy and allows personal expression and a quieting of the mind. She also loves making art that is inspiring and allows people to connect with nature. Her work as a physical therapist gave her an understanding of the human figure and the dynamics of movement. Veronica describes Emily Carr as her art hero who explored British Columbia, and was adventurous in her creation of meaningful art about a vanishing way of life and a changing land. Veronica has also been influenced by plein-air art retreats, allowing her to create art within beautiful natural settings.

Newell, Veronica

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  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

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I was excited about the show Pushing the Boundaries, as I have been exploring new techniques and materials. I have been trying to find a way to combine my prior skills into my art: quilting and physical therapy. I am exhibiting two landscape scenes with figures, using colorful fabrics and papers to add dimension and visual interest. I based both paintings on beach photographs. I am excited to continue exploring the whimsy of adding fabrics and patterns into technical compositions with figures and animals.

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