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Wendy Mould, AFCA is an Award-Winning Wildlife Artist, Art Writer, Teacher and Presenter. She specializes in Canadian West Coast wildlife created with ink, graphite and/or watercolour on paper. Wendy Mould grew up on the southwest coast of British Columbia. She spends a great deal of time traveling around the coast and this is where she gets her inspiration. Wendy is a self-taught artist. Starting first with Pencil and then branching out to Pen Work and Watercolour. Wendy began to move her work outside her studio in 2012 as she began an avid Outdoor Sketcher. She now divides her time between Studio work in the winter and Outdoor Sketching in the summer. Wildlife and nature continue to be her focus. Since 2008 Wendy has been sharing her knowledge by: teaching individuals; presenting to art groups and organizations; writing Art Articles for magazines; producing ACA Gallery Talks online (see Youtube) and maintaining her blog – ArtbyWendysBlog.blogspot.com (running for 12 years) on Painting & Drawing Tips.

Mould, Wendy

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  Langley, British Columbia, Canada

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Do you love to watch the eagles soaring in the sky, Stellar Jays darting through the forest and Herons hunting in the marshes? This is the Life on the West Coast that I enjoy. I love to share this with my viewers. I love the power of the line as I portray my birds and animals in nature. Sometimes using the soft touch of graphite or the excitement of colour. But always searching for a way to present them as they live here on the west coast.

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