Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

​Jane McDougall graduated from ECUAD in 1991. After working for years as a potter on Granville Island, Jane now paints in her backyard studio in Kitsilano. Jane’s artistic style stems directly from her curious and free-spirited personality. She is inspired by the outdoors and spends her time exploring local forests and beaches and skiing at Whistler. Jane is guided intuitively by her materials. This is evident in Jane’s textures and colours, which she achieves by successive layering, painting and sanding. Viewers of her art see Jane’s process and are taken along on her creative journey.

McDougall, Jane

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  McDougall, Jane

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  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

I start by loosely painting large pieces of craft paper. Then I rip them into shapes, I make mountains out of them. I love the physical experience of tearing the paper. It is carefree and unsentimental. I want to feel the mountain shapes. matisse and his late stage cutouts are a huge influence on me. Matisse found tremendous joy in cutting large pieces of coloured paper into shapes. Once I have these mountains I lay them out and move them around, like a giant. remembered views serve as a point of departure. I attach the paper to the surface , then I sand them into a distressed surface. The experience of all these big movements really relate to my own outdoor life.

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