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British Columbia artist, Gary McDonald was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and took his first art class in high school. An early career as a commercial artist lasted five years until he entered the world of business. The ensuing 20 years brought success as a real estate executive, but left little time for art. Gary’s interest in painting was rekindled in 1986 when he took an art class at the University of British Columbia to complete his requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree. He continued his studies on a part-time basis, having been accepted into the Fine Arts programs at both U.B.C. and Okanagan University College. In January 1992, he formally retired from business in order to pursue his aspirations as a fine artist. As an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Gary has been involved in the local arts community for over 30 years and has both attended and organized seminars under the auspices of the Federation. He paints primarily in acrylics, and is an accomplished water colour artist. He also enjoys drawing and the occasional foray into oils Paintings by Gary McDonald have been displayed at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, the Surrey Art Gallery, the Tutt Street Gallery in Kelowna, several FCA juried shows in Greater Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna, and numerous independent shows in Langley and the S. Surrey/White Rock area. He is an award-winning artist whose paintings have been featured in the 2012 White Rock tourism Calendar, the cover for MLA Russ Hiebert’s 2012 Christmas Calendar and recently the 2020 FCA annual calendar as the artist for September. Gary and his wife of 57 years moved to Abbotsford in 2016. His work may be viewed on his web site at www.garymcdonaldart.com

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Gary McDonald is a British Columbia artist who paints in watercolors and acrylics with the occasional foray into oils. His subject matter varies from landscapes and seascapes to florals and portraits . Gary’s work is eclectic and he prefers to explore each subject as a function of its intrinsic characteristics rather than imposing a singular definitive style. The competing influences between his background in commercial art and his desire to paint more expressively can be seen in his paintings, which often display hints of both

"For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be an artist. My notebooks all through public and high school were filled with doodles, sketches and cartoons – some of which got me in trouble. My drawing skills were honed in the five years I spent as a commercial artist and I still believe that sound drawing techniques are one of the bases of all good art. I also believe that the impetus to draw is built into the human psyche. Art is the primal expression of our self-awareness. Some of the earliest forms of communication and symbolic thought were painted on cave walls by Cro-Magnon (and possibly Neanderthal) people as early as 32,000 years ago. Give a child a crayon and watch the creativity burst forth without inhibition I still feel that sense of exhilaration every time I see a great painting or pick up a brush. My objective as an artist is to communicate the beauty, meaning and whimsy I find in “ordinary” things – especially those which have an element of nostalgia. My success comes when even one person looks at my work and feels at least a touch of what I felt when I painted it."

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