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Lili discovered her interest in art at an early age. She had a passion to draw every chance that she got. During her elementary and middle school years she continued to draw and paint and won several competitions at the local and regional level. Although primarily focusing on the sciences during secondary school, she decided to follow her passion and applied to university to study fine arts. She earned her bachelor’s degree in arts in 1994 and master’s degree in 1997, graduating with honours from the Faculty of Fine Arts at The University of Tehran. Lili believes that art is a combination of creativity and science, and her post-secondary education allows her to understand the unique techniques behind artistic creation. She has lived in Vancouver, Canada since 1997 and has had the opportunity to meet different artists from all around the world. This has helped her explore a variety of styles and cultural points of view behind various works of art. Lili is a passionate artist who loves to create work that represents balance and beauty. She appreciates clean lines with meticulous edges, as “it’s extremely relaxing and calming to paint in this manner”. In 2005, she decided to share her passion for art with her students. She has been holding private and group lessons since then, and always encourages her students to explore their creativity and refine their own style. She has participated in several group and individual exhibitions locally and internationally.

Masbough, Lili

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“Exceptionally calming and balanced” ­— that is the essence of the energy I try to capture in my paintings. It reflects the spirit of modernism while also embracing notions of nostalgia and sentimentality. In pursuit of a style and aesthetic that is not implied but assumed, I aim to embody a character of sleek elegance which evokes a streamlined look. By reducing three dimensional objects to planar geometric forms I am able to achieve minimalist outcomes without sacrificing precise attention to the details. In my Birds of Paradise collection, I created a balance between neutral and vivid colours in surreal-style paintings. In recent years, I was drawn to the organic shapes of art nouveau and the geometric patterns of Art Deco, characterized by complementary and contrasting vibrant colours. We shall never forget “there is always hope as long as the canvases are empty” - Gustav Klimt.

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