Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Metal/Wood Artist

Gitksan artist and Smithsonian sculptor, Theodore (Teddy) Mahood and his wife create original wood sculpture in red cedar. The Smithsonian curator who purchased "The Raven", a three-sided pole depicting three centuries of Native Art, wrote that she thought Teddy's work was "a New Direction in Native Art".  

Teddy married his friend of 20 years, Laurie Roth, a professional portrait photographer, graphic artist and retouch artist. Together they create wall covering murals, sculpture and art pieces; highlighting the natural wood grain. The shaping of the wood grain, the burning and wire brushing, and the color treatments make their art unique.

Mahood, Teddy

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  Mahood, Teddy


  Kingsgate, BC, Canada

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