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Gina Luke is a multidisciplinary artist, who recently completed a BFA with honours at the University of Victoria’s Visual Arts program. Her artistic practice explores the integration of drawing with sculptural and texturized video installation. Luke uses drawing as a basis to explore abstract possibilities that can be expressed in a new media art practice. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Eastern and Western Canada. Her exhibition practice is based on Vancouver Island where she has also recently worked as a curator with the Victoria Film Festival.

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  Victoria, B.C., Canada

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I investigate our surroundings in relationship to our bodies through an integrated animation and installation based art practice. I don’t animate; I produce drawings and forms that move in immersive projection environments and across sculptural materials. By adjoining digital rendering and tactile material, my work transports viewers to a flexible space where one can examine the intersection of digital life with our natural world. Through highly saturated imagery displayed on sculptural forms, I create spaces of phantasmagoric experience. The body of artwork included in Treading Lightly, present a new perspective to the ordinary spaces we encounter. Through recording and translating urban and natural areas in the world with digital media, these works present physical projections into a digital yet familiar world. This virtual space of Treading Lightly acts as a new way to preserve and interpret our usual surroundings under a new light.

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