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Kai Liu is a painter and printmaker living in Vancouver who pursues the formal aesthetics of art in his practice. His work is a visual representation of his interest in nature, landscape, sites and the humanities. In his work, he interweaves human-made and natural elements. His paintings and prints were exhibited in British Columbia and Ontario. After immersing himself in the art for more than a decade in China, Liu immigrated to Canada and studied graphic design in Hamilton, Ontario. After that, driven by his passion for art, he moved to Vancouver to study advanced printmaking at Langara College, where he received a diploma in Fine Arts. Following that, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University Art + Design where he is now enrolled as a student in its MFA program.

Liu, Kai

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  Liu, Kai


  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Kai Liu is a painter and printmaker living in Vancouver, BC. The subject matter in his work comes from his interest in the form, light, shadow, colour and space around him. Most of his paintings and prints present physical and emotional interpretations of landscapes and sites, which explore the interwoven layers in the environment and the relationship between natural and human-made elements.

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