Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Digital Artist, Photo/Film Artist

My name is Nam Le, based in Vancouver. I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. Im also 3rd year student, majoring in New Media Sound art at EmilyCarr University. My major main goals are to create installation art to create a space where the audience can transpose to another space. Therefore, I have to get used to a lot of mediums such as sound design, editing videos, painting, filming and some basic coding. In my free time, I usually focus on making beats, music videos and paintings. For my artistic style, I tend to reference a lot from artist that I admire and develop their concept through my understanding. That’s why I keep on changing my style depends on what I spend watching or reading at my free time.

Le, Nam

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My work usually involve improvisation where i will start with painting a spark of idea that i have. Then I'll piece it with a struggle that I faced at that time. I made "3 gens" during the cherry blossom season in Vancouver. Then Covid hit and a lack of communication made me think a lot about the past and my family. At this time everyone either think about killing time or criticize their goal and future. I think about my family in Vietnam a lot and try to express how can i made our most valuable trait which is hard working to shine. I'm also a beat makers which means most of the time i need to catch up with the biggest trend but also to express myself in an honest way. Expressing yourself a lot means you sometime can be hit with misunderstood or criticize from a lot of people. Therefore in "wave rider" the guy with his skin burnt out, showing muscle and bones but still willing to keep on improving. This was also made during Covid which for some can be a hard time, a time where you cant keep your perfect facade anymore. But keeping inspire by music, art and everything around you can help you overcome dark time and creative block.

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