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Heidi is a Gold Medal award winner in the Federation of Canadian Artists and has received many awards from National and International Exhibitions. While recently switching to the Oil medium she has discoverd that this was a natural move from the Watercolour medium finding that the values and colors in both mediums are very similar.   She injects each painting with rich colour and deep values, choosing subject matter where strong light and shadow are a factor.

Lambert, Heidi

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  Lambert, Heidi

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My landscapes and seascapes are of areas I have gotten to know intimately.  Some of my favorite subjects are of the outer West Coast .I love the ocean and the ebb and flow of the tides.

The paintings in this exhibition are both of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  "Schooner Cove" one of my favourite spots is just north of Long Beach.   A quiet secluded cove that changes dramatically with the tides.

"Brady's Beach"  can be found at the outer coast of Bamfield.  I couldn't resist the beautiful light and drama that happens with the changing weather patterns.   This was a drizzly day that is found so often on the West Coast.

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