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Lariena Kumar, was born and raised in New Delhi, India and recently moved to Vancouver to pursue her Bachelor’s in Industrial Design at Emily Carr University of Art+ Design. She is an interdisciplinary artist and designer whose work intertwines the strands of experimentation, hands-on work, reusability, colour and texture, sustainability, and psychological constructs. She is drawn to reusing and repurposing materials. And works at the intersection of material investigation, creative techniques and ideation. She has been awarded the following scholarships over the last two years: the Tina Ingrid Lepik Chandler Memorial scholarship, Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Art Scholarship and Andrew Oksakovsky and Dr. Emily Goetz Memorial Scholarship.

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My work as an artist and designer is an interplay between exploration, hands-on work, reusability, form and movement, sustainability, and psychological constructs. I am a big proponent of experimenting and learning through play. I love material investigation. Each material is like a new language that unlocks new vocabulary. Exploring different materials, investigating their boundaries, and bending or meshing them helps me translate their form, colour, texture and movement into unique pieces. I believe that thinking in one material and using techniques generally applied to another can create some beautiful hybrid results. Some of the materials I have worked with include ceramics, metal, textiles, paper and wood. While exploring techniques like printmaking, wheel throwing, slip casting, acrylic painting, jewellery making, embroidery, collages, decoupage, hand sewing, relief work, sewing, paper making, laser cutting, 3-D modelling etc. Moreover, I concentrate on finding unique approaches and entry points when looking at wicked problems with few access points. I am really interested in viewing abstract problems complicated by psychological and societal constructs like environmental and women’s issues. I like viewing them through the multiple perspectives required to find solutions that have a positive impact for both individuals and communities which involve multiple stakeholders with diverse interests.

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