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Elvira Kravenkova is a Port Moody based artist and art instructor, who was born in Russia and relocated to Canada in 1998. She discovered her creativity long ago as a child and started her art education during her school years in Russia, where she was a several time winner of Children Art Contests in her home city. Elvira’s painting style is still influenced by traditions of Russian realism and impressionism; the styles she loves. In the early 1990s, she started to exhibit her paintings as an emerging artist in Moscow, Russia. Later, Elvira got her formal education in science and medicine and continued her education in fine arts. This combined education supports her in her deep knowledge of drawing and painting basics and Human Anatomy for figurative works and knowledge of painting materials and techniques. Though her preferred mediums are oils and acrylics with their ability to be bright and colorful or to show subdued colors depending on the mood of the art work, she also enjoys gesture drawings and sketches which are made using different soft materials. Each one of her paintings or drawings shows to the viewers her passion for life and her ability to find beauty in what seems to be just ordinary objects and events. Since 2013 she has been a Member of The Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of The Vancouver Life Drawing Society. Elvira started to show her artworks again since 2013 and participated in many Canadian and International shows, including juried and invitational shows, where she’s got multiple awards. Her works are in private collections in Australia, Canada, the USA, Italy and Russia.

Kravenkova, Elvira

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I paint the beauty of the world and people around me. I really enjoy finding beauty in ordinary things and by mixing my sole with paint I create a whole new world in my paintings. My art works at the Igniting Hope exhibition depict the joy that feels my heart when I stroll the trails of our local parks. The scenes will look familiar to those who share the passion for jogging with me and will help those who prefer to spend more time inside, to get familiar with our environment. I hope to remind people that the world around us is very fragile and we need to do everything we can to keep our sky blue and our water clean

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