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Yohan Ko is a Korean-Canadian painter who was born and educated in Korea. Since immigrating to Canada in 1996, he has been painting about mankind, God, and communication with each other. He has been a part of many exhibitions, both solo and group. He usually works with acrylic and mixed media.

Ko, Yohan

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  Ko, Yohan

  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

Mankind Are By Nature Social Animals. Mankind, by design, must live together. Mankind must combine their strength, love, and help each other to thrive. Mankind are full of greed in their heart. Mankind need his own , but also requires others. Mankind are already filled with many abstract nouns in their mind. Mankind are sinners before even birth. Mankind are ought to have their original sins forgiven. Mankind are in need of Messiah. My work was drawn on the basis of the Savior and Redeemer of mankind whose attributes are from the latter, and that mankind are in need of Messiah. Messiah was crucified and died on the cross for our sins. The crown of thorns on his head, nails on his hands and feet, spear on his waist, kind of torture that one cannot bear. With the blood all over his body he died because of our sins. All thoughts that originate from mankind are sins and therefore Messiah has worn the crown of thorns. In my work, I have drawn the thorn of crown, composed of human figures, and the attributes of human showing the nature of people helping each other but trying to drag down another. The higher mankind rises, the intensity of pierce would increase This is what can be described as a cross­-section of Mankind.

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