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Bona Kim is an artist, a graphic designer, an illustrator and an art instructor based in Vancouver, BC. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Seoul Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea and a Certificate in Graphic Design Basic at Emily Carr Art and Design University in Vancouver, BC. She is also experienced in the visual communication design industry as a graphic designer for a decade in Korea and Canada. She is currently focusing on her artworks, participating in group exhibitions and teaching students.

Kim, Bona

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  Kim, Bona

  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

My works have explored and drawn inspiration from renaissance and baroque arts. Specifically, my experiences and impressions are expressed by symbols using three different colours of roses, blue ribbons, reddish-orange robes, white doves, palm leaves, stones, and doll hands. It is my intent to document all of my memories and feelings from experiences hiking the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, visiting the Uffizi gallery of Florence in Italy, and the consequential occurrences of everyday life. The traditional delicate drawing style and faded rustic colour palette of my works are influenced by old holy cards I often found as a child in the bibles and prayer books belonging to my parents as well as my uncle, who was a Catholic priest. Although I am very fond of the renaissance and baroque arts of antiquity, I have decided to use a digital medium for my works. This choice is a reflection of my alter ego as a graphic designer. My experiences in graphic design have enabled me to present my traditional ideas and images in a modern production.

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