Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Alison Keenan lived in Burma before returning home to England to complete her art education and later lived in Italy and Egypt where she studied Aubusson and Gobelin Tapestry. In 2008, she graduated from Emily Carr University and in 2010, she received a Certificate in Liberal Arts from Simon Fraser University. Her portfolio includes national and international exhibitions, an online catalogue, guest speaker, artist’s residences and videos. Keenan’s new paintings and large murals continue her in-depth exploration on the theme of Avian Fables where in collage or paint she envisions surreal imaginary stories. Scale is often arbitrary and non-perspective and the difference between the characters depicted as birds and humans are fanciful. Keenan explores engaging stories in the surreal bodies of land and water found on the shoreline while aided by avian guides, the harbingers of seasonal and environmental changes.

Keenan, Alison

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Surrounding ourselves with beautiful and positive art can act as an antidote to fear and despair. In fact, just how we live and conduct ourselves now depends upon how we process the constant negative information from media word wide. I believe the way to respond creatively is to negate such messages and replace them with positive action and at the ballot box In my series Avian Fables:Collage, portraits of birds become positive avatars, who display various personalities and attitudes to communicate narratives of hope and optimism. Their gentle messages reflect all our concerns regarding our fragile world now threatened by global climate change In the process of creating new work, I now focus on the research materials found in my studio. Here I pay close attention to the process of recycling and reusing paper products to lessen the impact on the environment and landfill. My own paintings and photographs are then recycled and combined into a new body of mixed media collages. My series of collages illustrate a mystical surreal atmosphere when the viewer can conjure up stories beyond their imagination and dreams. One can imagine other worlds and flights of fantasy with these avian guides above and around us.

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