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Cindy began her career as an artist in 1995, as a result of a painting class given to her as a Christmas gift from her mother, who was also an artist. It soon began to change her life. In the beginning, she worked primarily in watercolors, painting the misty landscapes of the hills surrounding her home in Maple Ridge. Several years later, when she was introduced to the deep vibrant colors of acrylics, and the rich textures offered in mixed media, she knew she had found her artistic home. She now creates bold abstracts, textural still lifes, landscapes, and animal "portraits". She is most well known for her ability to capture unique personalities in the paintings in the series called “Crows I Know.” The creative names of her artworks reflect the careful thought she puts into the background story of each image. Her primary goal is to capture the viewer and to evoke a strong reaction of any kind. In her heart, she believes that art is not just about painting “pretty” pictures; it is supposed to make you feel something deep down inside your soul.

Johnston, Cindy

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  Johnston, Cindy

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  Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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Through striking subjects and bold colors, my focus is on interpreting moods through images; some are dark and brooding while others are bright and often comical. I want the viewer to be drawn to and touched by my work. It should evoke strong emotions, offer insights into my creative process, and leave the viewer thinking about the painting from then on.

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