Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Photo/Film Artist, Metal/Wood Artist

I am an explorer, adventurer and storyteller; a child raised wild and independent within the soothing hold of the enchanting prairie. Every abandoned place is alive. They too speak of people and memory; a silent history of forgotten lives. I grew up on the outskirts of many small prairie towns. I and my best friend Lady, a Border Collie mix, would wander; romping across expansive fields and sauntering through sparse forests in search of adventure, treasure and liberty. We would discover empty homesteads and the fortunes preserved within their walls, strewn about in the tall dancing grasses or slightly buried, like bones, beneath the dust of the topsoil. We were standing in someone’s past, a life that was no longer, and I would contemplate and imagine it. These formative experiences along with the stories of my Ukrainian heritage developed my curiosity about Canada’s pioneering past and impelled the use of historical subject matter in my work. At the hand of researching the history of my Great, Great, Grandparents who came to Canada during the First Wave of Ukrainian immigration, (1891-1914), I discovered that the motivations for migration and the hardships that immigrants faced are comparable to what some Canadian immigrants face today, especially in our current political environment. I progressively explore and experiment with different materials and methods of rendering and presenting these portrayals. I hope that the unusual and unique components and techniques will create interest and delight, causing viewers to pause longer, thus communicating the message in a more meaningful and successful way. Some methods I have developed are: distinctive plaster on canvas etchings, embossed paper, large hanging embossed skins and hand-rusted steel-sheet pieces. I hope that in our world of social media and convenience, where images and stories can be so fleeting and inconsequential, people will take time to pause in front of my work and perhaps connect on some level.

Iwasiuk, Sonya

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I document pivotal moments or seemingly insignificant snapshots of the ordinary revealing profound narratives of life both present and past. My work is inspired by both the stories of my childhood and stories I have collected as an adult. Some I know intimately, others have been entrusted to me, and particular, intriguing ones, I have investigated. Inspiration also comes from wandering through and surveying my world. Trying to grasp and then throw light on the incomprehensible; capturing the stories of our world and its inhabitants, is vital for me. We are surrounded at once by intense beauty and vitality and yet, at times, darkness and fragility take over. It’s hard to fathom the implausible hardships people and the earth endure, but more unbelievable to me is hope and the will to survive. Though at times the figure is my focus, I am also drawn to abandoned places and buildings because they too speak of people. Disconcerted characters and lonely entities documented within my mixed media paintings, sculptures and translucent hangings, are partially exposed and brought back to being. I often intensely research the histories of people, places and particular events and by revealing the past I have realized how strongly it speaks of the present. I progressively explore and experiment with different materials and methods of rendering and presenting these portrayals. My hope is that I will engage people and open connections to these stories of strangers initiating empathy, consideration and maybe even introspection.

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