Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Eunju Hong moved to Canada back in 2004 with a belief that she could continue her love for art in a bigger nation. She believes her art is the nature that she sees, drawn with every emotion. She started by painting the trails she walked, highlighting details such as colour, weather, scent, and texture of the grounds. Although her artwork is expressed in her own colour, she paints with the hopes that viewers will sympathize with her art and feel the wonders of nature.

Hong, Eunju

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  Hong, Eunju

  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

My concept for this exhibition is to use various colours to re-depict nature. I use specific colours and contrast in acrylics to define how I see nature. I want to show how nature can be warm, comforting and beautiful through the details of my painting. Although it is the same trail people walk on, every time I walk through that park, I notice more colours or even different details to every flower I pass by.

My Current Exhibitions: