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I started blowing glass because of an off-hand comment of a friend to my wife. “Oh, you should have glass blowing on your bucket list.” the friend said. While not there for the original comment, I did hear my wife’s later comments that ran something along the lines of “do you know all the things on my list? I don’t have time for glass blowing!” I, however, realized that I did have time; and what started with a one week an evening course for six short weeks, turned into a full-time passion that has eclipsed my former consulting work. I found the medium to be difficult and frustrating, and at the same time mesmerizing and challenging. In addition, there was the heat, the spontaneity, a touch of implied danger and the challenge of wrestling this material into something resembling the original idea and getting that something into the “box” (annealer) at the end. Further courses, study, practice and refinement lead to an ever-increasing respect for the medium. A study of its history lead to explorations into Venetian techniques of blowing including goblet making, cane, murrini and a variety of other techniques. The presence of a cold shop and sandblaster in the studio lead to further exploration of glass outside of the initial creation of the blown vessel and provided a glass canvas for my current series of work.

Hollington, Guy

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I want my glass sculptures to be a place that the attracts and rests the eyes of the viewer. The piece will ideally create a central focus point that relaxes the observer and gives them a sense of harmony and calm. The purpose of my art is not to jar or educate or motivate, it is conversely to give the spectator an escape from these and other daily transience’s. To provide a simple object of beauty in a complex world. In this Collection I am providing a study of the difference colour makes on a fairly consistent form. While each of these pieces are relatively the same size and shape, and cut in a similar manner, the introduction of different colours significantly changes the piece.

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