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Ashlee Hick is an interdisciplinary visual artist working across mediums such as Drawing, Textiles, Print Media, Painting and Photography. Her work is greatly influenced by personal experiences with body dysmorphia, insecurity and bullying. Ashlee highlights adversity and finds ways to normalize having interior and exterior differences so that everyone can feel represented in media and art no matter their appearance or mental health. Ashlee's artistic career began in highschool, where she was often found selling small commissions of drawings or homemade stickers to her classmates. From there she began expanding into different mediums, and by her graduation year was winning awards and scholarships because of her art and community involvement. She began post secondary at Emily Carr University in 2019, and has been working towards her BFA since then. Moving forward Ashlee hopes to pursue a career in creative directing or marketing, where she can work on projects to further influence and support young minds and mental health.

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Our bodies are ever changing, and with change comes acceptance and adaptation. It's become critical to our mental health and physical survival to allow ourselves to grow and become different from one another. Experiencing fluctuations in weight, appearance, mood, and confidence pose as difficult adversities to cope with and overcome. My practice takes the form of healing processes to aid in dealing with such issues. It is an exploration into what makes our society so reluctant to accept the visual aspects of our bodies that differ from our neighbors. Through different mediums such as graphite, ink and textiles, I illustrate portraits which bring visual insecurities to the foreground, and highlight what people are ashamed of. By doing this, I'm attempting to have diverse representation in media and art, and break away from traditional idealistic beauty standards. I work primarily with acne, scars, weight, pigmentation and dysmorphic conceptualizations of the body to create my works. I work mostly in monochromatic black and gray as a reference to the isolation or detriment one may experience internally if faced with these (deemed) “ issues”. By emphasizing insecurities, I hope to destigmatize and normalize having an ever changing body. Because I grew up ashamed of what I looked like, my goal is to create a space where other people experiencing the same thing can feel less vulnerable. To further my own understanding on these topics, I spend time examining psychological writings which touch on the make up of body dysmorphia, insecurities etc. It is crucial for me to gain knowledge of others' experiences, to be able to show more sides of what certain bodily features and disorders can do to one's mental health. Moving into the future, I aim to work on larger scales which hopefully can reach greater audiences and create a healthy impact on those struggling within their own minds.

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