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Heilman, Chuck

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  Heilman, Chuck


  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

Chuck is fascinated in light and how it manipulates colour, space and mood. She likes obsessive, systematic and repetitive acts. In her art practice she considers space, history and site and often works in text. She enjoys aesthetics and composition and considers her work pretty and provocative. She is interested in satire, irony and humor. There are elements of spectacle, a party atmosphere and cheekiness in her work.

Chuck Heilman currently lives in the DTES. Chuck has a motley set of life experiences that distinctly inform her aesthetic decisions. In art practice, she primarily works with light, colour, and line via mixed media. Chuck’s interest in light and its ability to manipulate colour, space, and mood come forward in her work with elements of spectacle, a party atmosphere, and cheekiness.The intent of Chuck’s work is to be accessible to everyone.

My Current Exhibitions: