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I am a Vancouver based virtual artist, born in Guadalajara Mexico. I started painting at a young age as I discovered that art was a way I can express my feelings. My latest paintings are influenced by Frida Kahlo and are a reflection of my Mexican culture and heritage. I started experimenting with a series of Mexican Folkloric paintings, each artwork relates a story through images of animals, people and villages with vibrant colours in acrylic. I took some art classes in Mexico City but I mainly self taught. My art pieces have been displayed at various art events in Vancouver (since 2019 until now) : The Round House Community Centre (through the VOAF Festival: 2019, 2020 (virtual) and 2021). The Federation of Vancouver Artists Gallery at Granville Island (2021), Pacific Art Gallery (2020), Salon Selection at the Lost and Found Cafe (2020 and 2021) , and currently at the Pomo Arts gallery 2021 as part of the Vancouver Outside Art traveling show.

Haftner, Linda

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  Haftner, Linda

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  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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My paintings are a reflection of my Mexican culture and heritage with a Canadian flair. Each art piece tells a story through imaginary characters ranging from crows, ravens, and villages with vibrant colours and a sense of movement. My goal is to make art pieces that liven up a room, create conversation, and display vivid colours. It is also my dream to grow as an artist and find an audience.

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