Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Performing Artist, Photo/Film Artist

Nela H Founder/Director of the XBa School of Dance, Artistic Director of The DISKORDANSE Company. Nela spent her childhood studying Russian Ballet under Maurice Lacasse-Morenoff in Montreal; also in Montreal she received a Premier Degre Laureat in Classical Piano Performance from l’Ecole the Musique Marguerite-Bourgeoys. Nela completed her Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Arts at Loyola Marymount College in California, and her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the SFU School of Contemporary Arts in BC. Nela also holds the British Columbia Coaching Award Certification. In 1999 Nela was hired by SkateCanada to train National, World, and Olympic figure skaters in off-ice dance at the Centre of Excellence in Burnaby, BC, which she continued to do for over a decade. In 2001 Nela opened XBa School of Dance in South Surrey and in 2011 the school received an accreditation from UNESCO's International Dance Council, based on the school’s and Nela’s personal achievements in the world of dance. XBa is the only school in our community to offer the International Certification in Dance Studies to its dance students. 2011 was also the inaugural year for the DISKORDANSE Company, a group that offers continued dance education, professional dance experience and employment to locally-trained dancers. In 2013 Nela was the recipient of the Community Inspiration Award from the City of White Rock; in 2020 Nela was the recipient of the SSWR Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year (Arts) award, and finalist in the Surrey Board of Trade Business of the Arts awards. As a visual artist Nela designs all of school’s and company’s costumes and props and Nela’s innovative stage lighting designs have garnered her commissioned work from independent dance companies. Nela’s passion is creating and educating powerful dancers and blending the arts, often bridging her acrylic paints with live stage choreography.

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For a dance artist the pandemic has been devastating. My life's work went from being healing and empowering, to being presented as a cause of fear and negativity. Dance artists were banned from movement, from touch, from creating beauty on this planet. Days became very dark. Healing... will come.

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