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Originally from Ontario, Alison Grapes has lived mostly in Nova Scotia since the 1980s. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a Bachelor of Education from Memorial University. With a partner, Alison completed a Canada 150 project travelling the Trans Canada Highway. The 106 piece collection exhibited in Montreal during the summer of 2017, receiving radio and print attention from across the country. Commissioned portraits of Neil Stonechild commemorating the 20th anniversary of his death as well as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau have been published in The Star Phoenix and The National Post. Her work has exhibited in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Alison’s paintings can be found in private collections, as well as The University of Western Ontario, the Art Ontario Gallery and Colouratura Gallery.

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  Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Annual flooding is a common occurrence to those whose homes overlook a river. We often think about the adults and how they manage the situation; the sandbagging along the exterior of their home, preparing to uproot the family for unknown amounts of time, the exhaustion and worry. But, the children too, are affected. This left a lasting impact on me during last year's flooding on the Ottawa River. The image of a well-built children’s swing set having become part of the river, its baby swing partly submerged, simply made me sad. I was sad for the children and the loss of freedom to play in their yard. Two paintings work side-by-side. The first capturing the truth of that swing set as it stood useless in the flooded river. The second painting, an abstracted version, its flat shapes painted with bright and glossy colours. An analogy for how many choose to not look under the surface at the impact flooding has on everyone's lives.

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