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Katina Giesbrecht is a visual artist, graphic designer, and art instructor from Surrey who specializes in monotype printmaking. She desires to create artwork that brings peace and calm into this crazy, hectic world. She has a bachelors' degree in Applied Design (KPU) and an Associates' Certificate in Graphic Design (BCIT).

Giesbrecht, Katina

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  Giesbrecht, Katina

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  Surrey, BC, Canada

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Amid a fast-paced and high-tech world, I desire to find peace through artful expressions. My acrylic monotypes paintings feature subtle textures and calm colours of semi-realistic landscapes. I create pieces that reflect a gentle respite, a place to pause from the crazy, hectic world. My art practice includes creating handmade books as well as paintings. I create artist books that explore an idea within a series. I also create sketchbooks for others to fill with their own artwork.

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