Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Ceramic Artist

Johanna is a small batch ceramic artist residing in the Tricities. She has been playing with clay since childhood and she worked in her high school ceramics studio. Upon her return to pottery as an adult in 2013, she discovered how much she valued and needed the clay, and how it could help her to heal. Always a beginner, always learning, her love for the medium continues to grow. Johanna's work is representative of her deep love of fauna and flora and is inspired both by nature’s garden as well as those cultivated by human hands. Her own garden has been another place where she has found abundant healing and growth. While she tends to the garden, the garden tends to her. Johanna’s work is an expression of that symbiotic relationship. She hopes you find peace and joy in her work.

Giesbrecht, Johanna

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  Giesbrecht, Johanna

  Port Coquitlam , BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

I’ve spent a lot of time in forests, beaches, parks, and in my personal gardens to heal from multiple head injuries. These experiences with nature have also brought healing to my heart and body. Becoming a gardener has taught me lessons, equipped me with tools to heal, and returned hope to my life. Working with clay has also proved time and again to be a healing experience for me. The process is filled with peace, frustration, learning, patience, and self compassion. I find making functional pieces to be the most meaningful right now as they bring comfort and support in my day-to-day life; I use my creations in my spaces and places of healing. Joining the beauty of a garden with the functional comfort of handcrafted clay vessels, and being able to share these creations with others, is a life-giving experience for me. I take pieces of healing spaces - a branch, a strip of bark - and lovingly create something new and beautiful that can be of use in someone’s world.

My Current Exhibitions: