Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Raised in the North of France I was born to grow into the life which took me from the East of Canada to the West. Where I became a mother myself. My heart went from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but the Horizon remains the same wherever one goes, like a root that travels with you. My first passion became when I was as tall as four apples stacked high. Art as a whole has quickly taken its ease in the life of Harmony. As a hobby, it has spent full time. For the past 10 years, I have devoted myself entirely to the world of Theatre. Through the art of scenography and puppetry. I flourished when creating whole universes from scratch. Each creation, each project, each whim, began by a Drawing. Sometimes, just a little sketch on the corner of a table. Others whirling watercolours of a specific scene accompanied by its movement. Drawing was one of my favorite tools for work. It remained a tool until the summer of 2019, when I became a mother. Through this journey unique to woman, my work evolved into remembering the memory of how to draw for myself. It is in this self letting go that the little Dudes and the Fairy jobs Serie, and The project of Poetic Horizon's Boxes took shape and continues to expand, into my imagination a little bit every day. In all the projects I had carried out, I had an obstinate idea: create « des images Trotte-Tête. That untranslatable word can be explain by littles horses images running all over your brain. Images that can cultivate the imagination of those who take the time to look and play the game. Images who glue the mind and nourish the poetry that - I believe strongly - each one of us have. My job as a scenographer is to create universes, micro worlds, but it is also to let actors invade and play in it. An exhibition is the same and the actors are you. Let’s live !

Garry, Harmonie

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  coquitlam, british Columbia, Canada

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My drawing is naive. My hand probably is too. And my soul, definitely. Poetry is as delicate as it is essential, untouchable as a cloud, almost transparent and always precise. It was therefore natural to enter the world of watercolor and ink. I find in watercolor the freedom of movement, the mystery of the colors which inspire by the complexity of their meeting. I love the excitement of being a spectator of my own drawings, which always begin with the same sentence. Let's play! Watercolors, ink and scissors are my favorite tools to represent the world as I see it. The world is cut up. It is multiple, full of colors, shapes and layers. And we have the greatest chance to walk into it.

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