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Ratna is a visual artist, with graduation (BFA) and post-graduation (MFA) in Creative Sculpture from India. She was amply distinguished by National and State Academy of Arts, with National and State Awards for her Sculptures in India. As an artist, she projects her works in International, National exhibitions and art camps. Since last couple of years, she is been involved in teaching art related courses to various age groups. 

One of the most important aspects of teaching she has learned over the years is that each student is unique. Every individual is different and thus what might work for one student may not work for the other – even the approach that worked for a student at the beginning of their workshop may not work as they progress. In light of this, she employs a range of different pedagogical methods at different points in their development. Her goal as an art teacher is to serve as a guide and provide access to relevant information.

She offers 20 years of hands on experience working with various materials including: clay, plaster, metal, wood, fiber glass, paper machie, stone and fabric. Portfolio of her work is available at www.ratnagandhi.com

Gandhi, Ratna

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Art for me is a translation of intangible into tangible. Sometimes we overlook minute things in day to day activities. I try to capture such moments through my art works. I try to speak of the trials and triumphs of human existence. As life comes to each individual in a different form, my art interacts with each viewer in a different way leaving them with their own interpretation.

My sculptures are unification of feelings observed by general mass, enhanced by my ideas and depicted by either realistic or abstract forms. Delicate combination of fundamentally realistic subjects and their directed representation in abstract forms requires a fine balance. Understanding of such issues through my sculptures and making it accessible to art community to further develop similar ideas is my goal.

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