Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Glass Artist

Hope Forstenzer lived most of her life in and around New York City, lived in Seattle for a while, and now happy lives in Vancouver, Canada. Starting as a photographer and filmmaker, she moved into interdisciplinary theatre for a stint before falling irrevocably in love with glass.

Forstenzer, Hope

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  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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The pieces I make, whether practical or sculptural, strive to express the two things I love most about glass - light and emotion. Glass itself is a fundamental mix of transparency and opacity, and working with those natural properties to move those who see or interact with it sets glass apart, for me, as a medium. I want to convey strong emotional states in the work I make. I want the practical things I make to be used not just because they’re nice to look at (although that’s a fine reason in and of itself), but because the feelings they evoke add to the fabric of the emotional life of their user. And when people see the sculptures I make, I want to draw emotions to the surface of those who see them, particularly when those emotions are complicated and difficult.

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