Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Ceramic Artist

Clay found Angela in a high school art class…it was love at first squeeze. Since that day, pottery has been a constant in her life, whether she is collecting, admiring, or making. The dance between hands and clay captures her imagination and she is often deep in thought, designing her next vessel. Angela enjoys being an agent of the Slow Movement, creating one-of-a-kind pieces by hand. It is her hope that the love and care she invests in each piece infuses a calmness and joy into the life of the user.

Flumerfelt, Angela

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  Flumerfelt, Angela

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  Port Moody, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

My vessels are created to bring pleasure to day-to-day tasks. Drinking coffee, pouring a glass of chilled water from a jug, or displaying freshly cut flowers… all of these rituals are enhanced by handmade vessels. I enjoy the interconnectedness of creating pieces that live in another’s home. This sentiment is captured by the words of the 13th century poet: Take a lump of clay Wet it, pat it, Make a statue of you And a statue of me. Then shatter them, clatter them, Add some water, And break them and mold them Into a statue of you And a statue of me. Then, in mine, there are bits of you And in you there are bits of me. Nothing shall ever keep us apart. Kuan Tao Sheng (1263- 1319)

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