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Janice Evans's paintings interpret a strong appreciation of the environment and emotional connectedness with the human spirit. Working mainly in watercolour, Janice’s painting style impacts the viewer with unusual composition and loose, free-flowing brushwork. Her latest paintings give consideration to mood, ethereal light, and textures, translating seasonal topography with sensuality. She is an award-winning local and international artist and member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and Society of Canadian Artists. Janice lives on Vancouver Island and her work is available through her studio and gallery. Her home is a gallery/studio and is open to the public with an email or call.

Evans, Janice

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  Evans, Janice

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  Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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My eyes, my heart, my hand on brush to paper… this is my mantra as a passionate outdoor painter. What stirs my soul is an immediacy of connection with what I’m seeing while painting in my outdoor studio space, our natural environment. Wherever I travel, I’m most likely painting. I invite you to see through my eyes that which has moved me to create and come along on this artist’s journey of passionately painting outdoors.

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