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Musician-educator with 20 years of experience in the education and "popular" music fields. I have been a teacher, speaker at international conferences on art and education, and an artist with performances in cultural forums in Mexico, Palermo (Italy), and Canada such as the LatinSurrey Festival, Make Music Edmonton, Astral Harvest, and Polish Festival. I did a master's degree under the supervision of composer Manuel Rocha obtaining the highest distinction and I also took courses in classical and electric guitar, jazz improvisation, and composition with renowned musicians such as Guillermo Flores Mendez, Roberto Aymes, Dr. Julio Estrada, Dr. Mario Mary, and the soprano. Frances Lynch. Parallel to my musical education, I have practiced yoga and meditation for many years in classes and retreats and completed a Yoga Teacher and Body Psychotherapist formal Training. These experiences allow me to discover aspects of the mental and emotional life of my students through the learning process. Education in my perspective is a way to cultivate in addition to musical skills, life skills such as emotional intelligence and mental habits that help people to improve their lives, be better human beings, be more aware, and be happier.

Estrada, Enrique

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I teach based on your interests, expectations, and skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We can only focus on the technical aspects of playing the instrument, or we can also tackle other subjects like music reading, modern harmony, improvisation, arrangement, composition, on different genres (rock, blues, pop, jazz, world, folk, reggae, fusion, etc). Singers and instrumentalists are also welcome if you're interested in those other subjects. ​ For more than 20 years I have been teaching people of all ages, from children to older adults, in private as well as group classes, and from beginner to advanced levels. Through my classes, my students acquire different musical and life skills, emotional intelligence, and mental habits which help them improve their lives, be happier, more aware, and better human beings. Some of them have performed at different festivals and some have become inspired and motivated enough to pursue professional musical careers.