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Justin Erickson is a self taught artist currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Favouring a combination of coloured pencil and watercolour Justin is able to create unique textures, bold colour, and intricate details in his work. Inspired by the inner workings of the mind, his emotions, and the environment around him. Justin’s work tends to lean towards the surreal. Best known for his depictions of birds, and butterflies. Justin’s love for ornithology and entomology shines through into his work. Almost always featuring some kind of bird, or insect nestled in vibrant florals. Resulting in an overall feeling of solitary contentment.

Erickson, Justin

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  Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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Hey, I'm Justin Erickson. I am a visual artist, and designer. Lately my personal work has been focusing on my love for entomology, and ornithology. I suppose when a global pandemic provides you with eighteen months to slow down and contemplate current events you tend to focus on what you love. In an attempt to escape and cope throughout the past few months I have dedicated my time to creating a body of work depicting hope through symbolism and vibrant florals. While focusing on some of my favourite insects and birds. The journey is far from over, and I can't wait to keep building this creative garden i've started.

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