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ARTIST'S BIO: Edzy Edzed, (b. 1953, Port Arthur, ON, CA.) graduated from University of Victoria in 1992, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) degree and a commitment to lifelong learning in the field of visual fine arts. His main interest for more than thirty years was in analyzing western art painting through the filter of deconstruction as described by the French philosopher; Jacques Derrida. He has been living in Vancouver and working on his practice ever since then. EDZY EDZED - ARTIST STATEMENT My art production is the result of exercising my obsessive/compulsive impulses through my hands and mind on a painting problem. That interest led me to years of study on my own in libraries, through commercial art courses and graphic arts programs. I had become obsessed with Jacques Derrida's book The Truth in Painting (1987), which later led me to the University of Victoria to earn a BFA (Hons) degree by 1992. At UVic, I would continue making gouged paintings on plywood after Canadian artist Paterson Ewen, simply because I couldn't find any purely non-objective contemporary painting on gouged wood by anyone. Recently, I've expressed my ongoing interest in astronomy as an aesthetic to provoke thoughts about gravitational waves and other discoveries in space. My oeuvre represents various painting experiments in my original style through the lens of Deconstructivism.


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  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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ABOUT MY ARTWORK TODAY In the beginning I dreamed to be a fine artist while still training in graphic arts and the realm of commercial art. By then I had a nuanced background in most of the trades through a high school education that emphasized science, trades and technology. I thought that skill set might lead me to a novel artistic expression given enough time and knowledge even before I’d really started. I completed this background with a fine arts degree from the University of Victoria. During that time and since then, I focused on creating a style that gave expression to non-objectively gouged painted wooden panels, bearing in mind the history of artistic development. I studied the art world from the zero-point in painting to the pluralistic works of today referencing them in my own oeuvre. After LIGO detected the first gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes in 2015, Pierre Leichner and myself started collaborating on referencing these new discoveries through art. Most of the painting would rely on chemistry, gravity, viscosity and inertia, as did matter in spacetime itself. My personal goal is exploring techniques and various aesthetics that can inspire others to see our universe in new and different ways!