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Rowyn Dickson is a visual artist based in North Vancouver, BC who combines organic images with memories to create narrative paintings, prints, and textile sculptures. She uses her distinctive personal style to express her understanding of her vibrant world experiences and share her joyous perspective. Rowyn is in her final year of the Fine Arts program at Langara college where she is focused on creating strong work for her graduation show as well as building a solid portfolio for her artistic practice.

Dickson , Rowyn

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  North Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada

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As a child, I had a hard time learning to read, my family kept my interest by reading aloud, and since then, I have loved stories and narratives. My art often explores nature's narratives and my memories of stories. In my art, I want to be playful; I enjoy the process that comes with talking about my planned work and sharing my completed work with others. It is very inspiring to talk to others about art and what inspires them. Getting excited about a piece of artwork is very important to me; when I am excited, I think my audience will feel the same joy.

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