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Michelle deSouza Dermott (Canadian/East African Goan) is a self-taught watercolorist who combines her love of literature, music and nature in her art. She initially pursued art through Fashion Merchandising studying at The International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Toronto, Ontario. Right after graduation, she moved out to Vancouver, BC, where the fashion industry was, at the time, slower paced. She switched gears, and attended UBC, earning her B.A. in Literature and then her B.ED. For years she focused on her teaching career and her family, continuing to paint as a private passion; many of her paintings ended up in private collections. She has spent most of her ‘arting life’ in acrylics but has more recently dedicated herself solely to watercolors. The beauty, movement and brilliance of watercolor is something that delights her. While she continues with abstract, her two newer art collections are based on her sometimes-twisted visualizations of fairy-tales and urban fantasy. Much of her work has been said to be whimsical & fantastical. No matter what she is painting you are apt to find stars, hearts, flowers and trees somewhere in her paintings.

Dermott, Michelle deSouza

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  Dermott, Michelle deSouza

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  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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Like most artists, I just love to create. I hear music, read a book, am out in Nature and I am inspired! This series, The Elementals, finds hope in the resilience and strength of Mother Nature. Drawing on my love of literature, mythology and the teachings from our First Nations culture, my paintings personify Nature as beings who safeguard the Earth. In my paintings the elementals are shown to be so much more powerful than the symbols of civilization; they are reminders that we are a tiny part of something much greater than ourselves. I believe Nature, personified by the Elementals, protects us from our worst selves so that we may continue to live and grow here on Earth. I think this is hope. I hope that the stories and emotion in my paintings resonate with viewers and perhaps invite new perspectives of our changing world.

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