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June Corstorphine was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada while very young. She grew up in London Ontario and moved to BC in the mid 70’s. Interior design was her main occupation. She now lives in North Vancouver with her daughter.

She has always been on a quest for beauty doing whatever possible to enhance her surroundings and those of my clients. Her love of interior design and craft was born. Her craft repertoire ran anywhere from batik, decoupage, faux painting and mosaics. 

Ever since June's daughter brought home colorful notices home from school, She has been recycling them into home-made paper producing highly unique art. She has been drawn to exploring themes of antiquity and faith including biblical symbolism.

Corstorphine, June

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  Corstorphine, June

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  North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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I am a self-taught alcohol ink artist. As someone who has worked with other artistic media such as watercolor and papermaking, I made the happy discovery that alcohol ink is, to me, the most captivating of all. I often describe it as being alive due to its dynamic and interactive nature.

Often I begin the process with a preconceived idea of the outcome, but due to the characteristics and fluidity of this medium, it tends to morph into what it wants to become. The process involves a balance of control and abandon, a play between the intentional and incidental. Some of my favorite pieces are the ones the ink has dictated, with me as a mere facilitator. 

The transcendent aspect of nature has a strong impact on my work. Much time is spent contemplating the beauty of nature. My aim is not to reproduce but to see beyond into the essence or spirit. It is my sincere desire is to inspire and uplift others.

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