Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Ceramic Artist

I have spent most of my life living on the West Coast of Canada, including many years on Haida Gwaii but my footprints lead back to England with various stops along the way. In 1990 I began working from my home workshop and have since built up a full time business making mostly utilitarian everyday pots.

Coomey, Madeleine

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  Coomey, Madeleine

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  Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

I work with clay making functional ware because it brings me joy.  Every part of the process from wedging to throwing, to firing, formulating and mixing glazes, all the way to sanding the bottoms of the pots when they come from the glaze kiln. But the thing that really turns all that joy real is when someone finds space in their home for a piece of my work. My work tends to be minimalist, I'm a quiet and (usually) calm person and my pots tend to reflect that sensibility.

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