Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Digital Artist

Chris Cole is a Canadian mixed media painter based in Port Moody, British Columbia. A storyteller at heart, Chris weaves diverse elements and symbols into her richly detailed images, inviting the viewer to pause, step closer, and explore the hidden aspects of a world balanced on the precipice between reality and imagination. Influenced by her childhood love of fantasy illustration, the art and rituals of ancient cultures, and by the breathtaking flora and fauna of her native British Columbia, it was only natural that she combine those loves to create wild, magical spaces, hiding secrets for those willing to look closely. Her highly detailed imaginative realism pieces and abstracts are created using a combination of traditional and digital media. Over the years, Chris’ art has graced numerous concert posters, cd inserts, and other diverse commissions. She now focuses primarily on personal work and has paintings in private and public collections within Canada and the US.

Cole, Chris

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My work is an exploration of magic and myth entwined within the twisting roots and mossy carpets of the natural world. My images, whether realism or abstract, are steeped in symbolism – some universal, some personal. They are the quiet, still spots in the dappled light when you step off the main path; darkened rooms hidden behind false walls; moments frozen in time; small sacred rituals from a long-ago other-world reality; myths and secrets of the collective psyche. Weaving colour, light, and rich detail, I invite the viewer to slip deeper into the place where nature and imagination collide; to catch a glimpse of a world that might ... could ... maybe does ... exist amid the sun-dappled shadows of our imaginations. Blending traditional materials – ink, graphite, acrylic, pastels and coloured pencils – with digital allows for a complex layering that gives me an amazing amount of diversity in texture and materials than would otherwise be possible, and helps in my quest to reignite a sense of wonder in the world around us.

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