Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Ceramic Artist

Emily Cheung is a graphic designer and artist whose work ranges in medium and technique, but always gravitates around and towards form. Her journey in pottery and the arts began in childhood, but has truly actualized in the past few years since returning to ceramics and the introduction of wheel throwing at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. Through classes and workshops there, Emily has been developing and refining her ceramics forms, working mostly with high fire stoneware and porcelain. Focusing on minimalist, smooth, curved forms, the shapes and surfaces of her work are a canvas for exploration of various firing techniques including gas, raku, wood, soda, and crystalline, and the uniqueness of each firing technique. Now working mostly out of her Squamish-based home studio, her vessel forms make their way through the Sea to Sky as she continues to participate in group firings at Shadbolt.

Cheung, Emily

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  Cheung, Emily


  Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

Spending most of my time working digitally and onscreen in design, I was in search of a means to make with my hands — to play, and to create — that didn’t necessarily have to serve a functional purpose as it’s endgame and could provide pure aesthetic enjoyment. Creating ceramics is physical and invested involvement in the process and shaping of the final forms from start to finish: from throwing a raw form, to further refining in trimming, to finally showcasing finished pieces with the addition of glazing. My pottery journey over the past few years has been one of exploration, and I’ve only just scratched (or sgraffito’d, so to speak) the surface into the limitless possibilities. My current work shows the growth and progress of a true focus on form, the training of the eye in how changes in curve, in size, contrast in how wide or narrow (and their combination), can affect the overall proportions and the feel and look of a piece. The pieces of Ceramics in Flux highlight an exploration of firing techniques that have captured moments in flux and the many expected (and unexpected) results and happy accidents possible in the world of ceramics.

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