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Louise is a Port Moody-based emerging Artist. Her paintings are inspired the landscape, sky, and water of the Pacific Northwest. Louise is originally from the southwest coast of England and grew up at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. She was taught to paint by her Welsh grandmother. She had a ten-year hiatus from painting, where she studied for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Manchester, lived in China, and built a career working in the arts in London as a programmer, curator, marketer, and fundraiser. Louise returned to painting when she moved to the Pacific coast. She works as Development Manager at The Cultch theatre in East Vancouver and sits on the Business Development Committee for the East Side Culture Crawl. Her paintings have displayed as part of an artisan market at Langley Arts Council. She is currently taking a course in Contemporary Painting at Emily Carr University and is a member of the Squamish Arts Council.

Chapman, Louise

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  Chapman, Louise

  Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

I make my art because it brings me joy. I use my art to unpack what I see around me and what I feel inside, the beautiful and the troubling. I explore the conflicting themes of permanence and change, whether it is landscapes changed by human hands, changing seasons, or a changing climate. My paintings are inspired by the forms and colours in the landscapes, the ocean, sky, and water of the Pacific Northwest. I am an outsider here and I occupy the unceded territories of the Coast Salish people. I have worked in many different media, from print making, to sculpting, to photography, but painting feels like coming home. My Welsh grandmother taught me to paint when I was a child, and I still feel the tug of our connection when I paint today. My work will always be informed by her love of wild places and intense natural colours that she passed on to me. I make reference sketches, watercolours, and take photographs out in the open air before producing my works in my home. I work in acrylics because I love their immediacy. I am currently experimenting with mixed media techniques and trying out ways to bring charcoal and oil pastels into my future work.

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