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Amy Li Chuan Chang received a Bachelor of business in Taiwan before immigrating to Canada. By the time she moved to Vancouver she had already found her passion for art during her eight years working for the Cloisonné Company while studying ceramics in a private pottery studio. Amy then decided to go back to school to study art focusing on ceramics. She received a Diploma of Studio Art from Capilano University in 2003, then continuing on to complete her BFA from The Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2007. Since then Amy has become a studio artist focusing on contemporary ceramic sculpture. In recent years Amy has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions around Vancouver area and overseas. Amy’s work also has been selected into local and international ceramics competitions. Such as the third place award in 2018 Salt Spring national ceramics competition and 2019 International Ceramics Biennale, Taiwan.

Chang, Amy

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  Chang, Amy


  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

In recent years my body of work portray my fascination with the visual language of industrial energy. Levers, screws, cog wheels and other industrial parts are all static symbols that suggest movement, production, and the harvest of energy. I like to play with the ideas of fusing organic elements with industrial parts on my pieces. This allowed me to explore a fantasy where machines are planted into mysterious creatures in order to make them look like equipped with unpredictable functions which also symbol the new force in the future. I also like to experience different techniques and styles on my work. I was inspired by the objects in museums which was made thousands years ago, the Bronze Age in ancient China, and transformed them into modern shapes, such as mugs with legs. As such, my work over the years has been influenced to capture extreme and irrational pairing of elements and ideas.

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